• Our safety division has a diverse set of safety engineers and safety metrics to handle North, Central and South America. We can handle anything from large construction to small additions and modifications.
  • Tri-Tec provides safety engineers that have the education and experience to support programs at every level from emergency services, medical services, mining, construction, management, leadership, industrial, manufacturing, etc. Our engineers are 100% bilingual in both Spanish and English. Due to our cultural diversity, we can understand the limitations that are encountered even in the most remote areas of Americas. We bring strict and current safety process and standards making our safety processes one step ahead of our competitors. We are knowledgeable in both US standards and Mexican standards.
  • Tri-Tec has qualified safety engineering that provides on-site training for OEM’s in both the U.S. and Mexico.

    Tri-Tec can train:

    • DC3 certification classes:
    • Working at heights
    • Hot works
    • Confined space work
    • ECPL
    • Scaffolding inspection
    • Fire fighting
    • Industrial Fire fighting
    • Rescue from heights
    • Rescue from Confined spaces
    • Hazardous Materials spill training

    Safety consulting:

    • Evacuation plan
    • Business continuity
    • Emergency response team planning
    • Management Emergency Operations
    • Emergency Response Plan development
    • Equipment / Machine safety buyoffs
  • Onsite support when work is being done 24/7 if required.